HNA / Johannes Mundry / transl. Maren Kallenberg

“Cheering for Kassel state theater in the city hall”

Goethe’s Faust says „Emotion is everything“. And this could have been the motto of the symphonic concert of the state theater in Kassel in the city hall on Monday evening since any of the four oeuvres lured the audience with emotions, sometimes with overpowering, sometimes with feel-good sound. Kassel’s First Kapellmeister Anja Bihlmaier could draw on unlimited resources regarding the program which was titled „Viva Italia“. Since she had an orchestra being beyond the average power she took advantage of it. The beginning and the end the program included: the symphonic epic poems „Fontane di Roma“ and „Pini di Roma“ (Roman fontaine respectively pine) from Ottorino Resphighi. Extraordinary applause Bihlmaier had a good grip on the sound masses, she conducted very precisesly, chuckled, sashayed and created an atmosphere where the orchestra in its whole as well as in its individual groups could develop magnificently. When trumpets and trombones later joined from the back circles and made the escalation in the final perfect, extraordinary applause bursted. Between the Roman reminiscenes two pieces from the last five years. In „Liguria“ the Swedish composer Andrea Tarrodi imitates a hike through the Cinque Terre. Solo singer of the evening was the Spanish Ramón Ortega Quero who played the solo part with his oboe in „Legacy“ by his compatriot Oscar Navarro. Also for him there was a huge applause.

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